Friday's Five Awkward Kitchenette Necessities

I'm trying this out as a new feature - weekly or monthly or something - where I share some of the things I've bought and/or found for my awkward kitchenette!  Surely they will help make my kitchenette less awkward...

Anyway, I absolutely love etsy, and it is always worth sharing about! Here are my top kitchen items this week from etsy! (ok, there are six...)

Friday's Five Awkward Kitchenette Necessities

1. Personalized Bamboo Spoons and Spatula Set by 3D Carving $18.00
I just bought this for a friend's wedding present.  They turned out adorably, and I just love wooden utensils!

2. Vintage Fiesta Carafe in Cobalt from MyVintageDishes $50
You may have noticed that I LOVE my Fiesta ware, and etsy is a great place for all things vintage fiesta!

3. Wetbag and 15 Reusable Paper Towels by pepperjackhome $60
Super cute wetbag and un-paper towels! We're all about eliminating paper goods as much as possible, and this is an adorable way to do it!

4. Kitchen Cupboard Conversion Chart by mellowyellowdecor $14
This has been floating around pinterest and not only is it fun, I really do need it. Badly. I could probably eliminate several google searches/day with this thing. And I would like to find the cups/spoons organizer thing too!

5. Ultimate Kitchen Colander Light by midwestclassiccrafts $50
Looky here! You can purchase a set almost just like mine! ;)

6. Teal Green Paisley Cupcake Liners (set of 40) $4.00
These are adorable, I love paisley and everybody loves cupcakes!


  1. I love the personalised bamboo spoons, so cool!

  2. Ooo i could spend hours on etsy. Love the cupcake cases!

  3. I love all your finds and I really enjoyed this post! It's from others that we get great ideas! I too really like that conversion chart.


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