Enchiladas Delgado

We're reading lots of Madeline,
The twelve little girls in two straight lines.

So with this post, I shall bequeath
Enchiladas: sink your teeth

into these amazing, cheesy,
low-fat, low-cal, super easy,

Ground turkey to start,
(Feel good, it's heart-smart).

And, hey, be the boss
You can make your own sauce!

Hot as the sun, it will make your nose run,
Or mild and light, choose your delight.

The chilies are key
To this recipe.

Adapted from Skinny Taste,
They won't go to your waist.


Apple Brie Panini

Since I have a highly (I mean HIGHLY) developed palette and enjoy things like butter and sugar and even buttery sugar, I also love cheese with my fruit.

Pineapple pizza.  Strawberries and cheese sticks. Jelly and cream cheese sandwiches.

Gorgeous green and tart Granny Smith apples with gooey melted Brie cheese in a crispy grilled pocket of goodness.

Stud-muffin, on the other hand, does not enjoy fruit with his cheese. He will eat an entire block of any type of cheese and even dip it in cheese or ranch dressing. (Cheese sticks dipped in ranch?!) but he picked the apples OUT of this panini.

So please discontinue reading if you do not have the highly developed palette like mine (I'm talking to YOU, muffin-maker).

But if you are truly awesome and can appreciate things that are good and delicious, then make yourself an Apple Brie Panini.


Skinny Banana Muffins

As my bitty baby girl, mini-muffin#3 turns 6 months old next week, I decided it was time I finally lost the baby weight.

I'm so glad I have her to blame this on, along with two other mini-muffins.

So, in spite of the fact that I probably had baby weight to lose long before these babies were a twinkle in their daddy's eye, I'm going off the deep end and into the Weight Watchers pool.

However, while watching weight (hopefully watching it disappear!), I haven't lost sight of my loves: muffins.

These babies (ahem, muffins) even dive for your sweet tooth with a bit of lemon frosting. 

This is my take on a Weight Watcher's recipe.  I'm calling them Skinny Banana Muffins, because the name Lemon Frosted Diet Dr. Pepper Banana Muffins is a little much, even for me.

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