Blondie Brownie Caramel Bites

 As I pried my sticky legs from my sweaty chair in front of the fan this Labor Day weekend, I mused about the end of summer.

While the slow-moving summer days are gone, the hustle and bustle of fall always arrives on a day not unlike any other. 

The heat? Still here.  The humidity? Still here.  The mosquitoes? Itching red welts cover my legs.

I am unable to comprehend why we choose to end summer on Labor Day while Mother Nature continues to insist that it is still upon us.

So, I will follow my instincts here and continue my slow pace until the constant swatting ceases and the crisp air calls for blue jeans.

Or until I'm forced into action.

Blondie Brownie Caramel Bites

A Half Batch of Brownies
A Half Batch of Blondies
Caramel Bits

Step #1: Mix up Brownie Batter.

Step #2: Mix up Blondie Batter.

Step #3: Add brownie batter to the bottom of a greased muffin tin.

Step #4: Sprinkle with caramel bits.

Step #5: Pour blondie batter over the tops of the caramel bits.

Step #6: Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean. 


  1. YUMMMM!!!! These look delish!!!

  2. How cute! 2 yummy things combined into 1 :D

  3. OH good lord, these look incredibly tempting!! Did they last long?!

  4. MMM these Blondie Brownie bits sound delicious. I love the caramel center:-) A great treat anytime- can't wait to try them. Thanks for the great post!

  5. Yum:) Kids would love these♥¸.•*´¯*♥


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