Apple Brie Panini

Since I have a highly (I mean HIGHLY) developed palette and enjoy things like butter and sugar and even buttery sugar, I also love cheese with my fruit.

Pineapple pizza.  Strawberries and cheese sticks. Jelly and cream cheese sandwiches.

Gorgeous green and tart Granny Smith apples with gooey melted Brie cheese in a crispy grilled pocket of goodness.

Stud-muffin, on the other hand, does not enjoy fruit with his cheese. He will eat an entire block of any type of cheese and even dip it in cheese or ranch dressing. (Cheese sticks dipped in ranch?!) but he picked the apples OUT of this panini.

So please discontinue reading if you do not have the highly developed palette like mine (I'm talking to YOU, muffin-maker).

But if you are truly awesome and can appreciate things that are good and delicious, then make yourself an Apple Brie Panini.

Apple Brie Panini

Granny Smith Apples
Light Brie Cheese (I used President Brie Light)
Light Panini Pockets (I used Brownberry Pocket Thins)
Olive Oil

Step #1: Slice apples and cheese.  I left the pretty peels on for the extra nutricion, but you could peel them if you want.

Step #2: Stuff cheese and apples in the pocket.

Step #3:  Grill in a pan over medium heat with a little olive oil. About 2-3 minutes per side until cheese is melted and panini is crispy.

Enjoy! 7 Points+ each!


  1. I like to eat Granny Smith apple with my salad... with cheesy taost? This is a new idea to me. I would love to try this :D

  2. Brie and apple sounds interesting, I am actually used to brie and grape combination :)

  3. I'm glad I'm not alone in this -I love odd combinations and fruit with my savoury snacks is definitely one of them I'll be trying this very soon once I get my cheese on at the market! =]

  4. So easy so delicious I love apples with Brie!

  5. love the combo of apple and brie! YUM!!

  6. This sounds like an strange combination but I like it. I even tried apple with peanut butter. haha....It was introduced to me by a blogger friend.


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