Most Bestest Frosting Ever

I am not a frosting person.

As a child, my sister and I had a win-win trade going on: in any cake-scenario, we'd split our two pieces so I got to eat all the cake and she got to eat all the frosting.

We were very efficient.

And I was never left with a plate full of sickly-sweet frosting.

But then I saw this recipe for the most delicious frosting in the world (paraphrasing here).  And I made it.  And then I ate a TON of it.

It is so wonderful that I have been converted from a non-frosting eater into a lick-the-bowl-and-the-spatula-and-anything-else-I-can-find frosting eater.

MMmm.   I must go eat some more.

And while I'm gone, do go make some yourself.  You will never need to make another kind of frosting. 

This is thickened milk and flour
Most Bestest Frosting Ever

(Makes TWO 9x13 cakes worth - but you just may need that much.)

3/4 cup flour
2 cups milk
2 teaspoons vanilla
2 cups butter
2 cups sugar (NOT powdered sugar)

This is creamed butter and sugar.
Step #1: Whisk flour and milk over medium heat until thickens (like gravy - don't stop stirring.)

Step #2: Let cool completely.

Step #3: Cream butter and sugar in mixer until fluffy.

Step #4: Stir vanilla into milk mixture.

Step #5: Add milk mixture into butter mixture and beat on high until it gets evenly creamy.  Now feel free to add a color if you like :)

This is blue most bestest frosting ever.
Step #6: Take a moment to reflect on your previous frosting-eating days.  Things will never be the same.  Now: taste that frosting.

I know, right? Try not to eat it all before using it on a cake.  Or just eat it all, that would be ok too.  Or send it my way, I'll eat it. 


  1. I'm not much for frosting either, but I think it's because I have no skills in this department. Thanks for sharing. I need a good frosting recipe.

  2. i loveeee cake but i am not fond of frosting which is very odd!!! i mean i use frosting to decorate all my cakes but when it comes time to eat, i scrape it off and eat the moist cake instead. hahaha. frosting tends to just over-power the cake. but, i have had your frosting before and it's soooo much better than regular buttercream!

  3. Ooo this is an unusual frosting recipe.. can't wait to given it a go! Pinned!


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