Cheesy Potato Soup (Vegetarian)

This soup got eaten too quickly to take a good pictures.
In my Pink Lemonade Poke Cake I was looking for something to do with a lot of milk about to expire.

Well, here is another 'loads of milk' recipe!

This recipe is straight from stud-muffin's brain, so these amounts are all estimates, since, as an amazing cook, he thinks that 'a pot full' of milk and 'don't let this boil' are helpful.  HOW you are supposed to not let something boil, is beyond me.

I can only aspire to say unhelpful things about cooking one day...

 Cheesy Potato Soup

8 med potatoes peeled and chopped
4 peeled chopped carrots (or 1 sm bag baby carrots)
1/2 cup butter
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
1/2 gallon milk

Step #1: Boil potatoes until soft.

Step #2: Turn off heat, drain potatoes, and return to pot.

Step #3: Add carrots (and other veggies if you want -- celery would be good too).

Step #4: Turn on very low heat (super low. the lowest)

Step #5: Add butter, salt, pepper, and milk

Step #6: This is stud-muffin's tip here: while the potatoes were boiling, you got the whole pot as hot as possible, now you keep it hot but NEVER let the soup boil. Never ever. (I may have taken some paraphrasing liberties there).

Step #7: Simmer on *super* low for several hours.  Around 3 hours is good.

Step #8: Serve it! Hot, of course.


  1. I sure could do with some of your soup on this cool English summer lunchtime! I think you've done extremely well on the fly!

  2. I love soup! This looks so good. A recipe worth bookmarking for sure!

  3. I love potato soup. I usually add corn to mine. Just because:-)

  4. I usually have different problem, I don't have enough milk :D

  5. This soups like my kind of soup! Could definitely do with this in the horrible english weather!

  6. yum, now i'm craving potato soup!


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