Summer Fruit Cocktail

Yum! Quick and easy for when the kids are asleep.  (Or awake, no judgement! Take it with to the park if you want! Just make sure you walk there.)

My day warranted one of these, as apparently the mini-muffins are planning mutiny.

And the stud-muffin has a late meeting. 

And we really, desperately need to hit the grocery store.

You need: Frozen Fruit, Passion Fruit Margarita Mix with Tequila (Or add your own!  Or double up!)

That's it.  Dump those two ingredients in your cup and you are good to go!

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  1. Looks like a nice way to cool off on a hot day and relax a little too.

  2. Mmm,this looks like a refreshing cocktail. I love its name.

  3. Yes, definitely refreshing and relaxing! :)


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