Turkey Bacon Quesadillas

I was looking for something light to get us to bedtime today, after a long holiday weekend.  This one is so easy that there are hardly even any pictures... I didn't think that you needed to see *that* many photos of me stacking ingredients on a tortilla :)
I served ours with some cream cheese spinach dip, since dipping is a key meal component for mini-muffin#2.

Turkey Bacon Quesadillas

Flour Tortillas
Turkey slices
Cheese Slices (I've a feeling any kind would do - we had American, so that's what it is)
Spinach (again... several vegetables would've worked here. Next time I think I'll try sliced green peppers for some crunch)
Dip (if you are so inclined :) )

 Step 1: Fry yourself up some bacon!

Step 2: Set up your helpers with a 'babysitter.'

Step 3: Don't let them eat all the bacon just yet!

Step 4: Add a little olive oil to the pan (butter works too... or another oil in that case) and stack your ingredients on a tortilla.  Use the cheese as glue, especially for the bacon and spinach.  My order of choice was: tortilla, turkey, cheese, bacon, spinach, cheese, tortilla.

Step... uh... 5: Flip!

Enjoy! There's our cream cheese spinach dip on the side.  Ketchup would probably have also worked for our son, but he dips his grapes in ketchup, so I didn't think he was a good gauge.

Step 6: I know it's tempting -- but don't eat the rest of your bacon! Baggie it and flip it in the fridge, I have big plans for it tomorrow!

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