Summer Zucchini Bites

I saw this post on Summer Zucchini Bites, by Maeghan at The Way to his Heart, on Pinterest and I was determined to try them! Zucchini muffins = perfect vegetable snack that my kids will eat!

Here is her recipe that I followed, with a few changes.  I didn't think they'd eat the onion, plus stud-muffin hates it, so I left that out. I also left out the parsley... because, um, I couldn't find it in the produce section.  Whoops.  As mini-muffin#1 would say, Try again next time.  Finally, I doubled the cheese, cuz that's how we roll here in the awkward kitchen.  

You may also notice that I bought the cheap foil mini muffin pans at the store.  (Do I need a real set?) 

Verdict: Kids DID eat them.  Mini-muffin#2 of course dipped them in ketchup.  Mini-muffin#1 did her usual: took small bites out of several and left them around the house.  Stud-muffin and I ate most of them for dinner.  

Tips: You could probably do a better job at grating the zucchini than I did (can you see the giant chunk in the top left center? Whoops.)  You should also probably serve them hot.  They were much better hot than cold.  By the time Stud-muffin got home they were slightly slimy.  Although that was probably due to my strange substitutions along with the fact that I cooked them at noon while the kids were asleep, expecting to eat them after 4:00. Right. Learn from this, my friends.

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