Spotlight: Task Lighting

No, this is not *really* a recipe -- but it sort of could be a recipe for some DIY IKEA task lighting!!

As seen in my My Space post, we have some super awesome task lighting above our island (which is actually a peninsula.  But that doesn't sound very archicture-y, though more accurate.  Is there a real word for it?)

These super fab lights are actually these colanders from IKEA, with holes drilled in the bottom to accommodate IKEA light bulb + wire make-your-own-light things. Not sure of a term for those either. (Anyone?)

 We also added some cover things for the ceiling and a couple of washers.
In total, they cost around $14 each. Not too shabby!!


  1. I wish I had seen this earlier. We remodeled our kitchen a few months ago and I looked everywhere for some type of pendant lighting. Finally had to settle for a regular light.
    Great idea!
    I'm a new follower.

    1. Thanks, Emma! Glad you found me, but sorry it wasn't soon enough for your lights!! :)


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