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No, not the out-dated social network - my own kitchen! We better start by looking at what we're working with! Stud-muffin (husband) and my Dad remodeled our kitchen last year, and I just love it!
Kitchen sink with my custom stud-muffin made light fixtures! (Really, they are colanders from IKEA. They cost about $10 each! So easy.)
Our stove area - complete with laundry chute! :) 

 Workspace, and below, fridge.  Had I started this blog a year ago, I certainly would've had an awkward kitchen to work in.  It was kind of a nightmare.  But I wasn't cooking, either!
So as you can see... the physical kitchen is NOT what is awkward about my kitchen - that would be me. Follow me as I fumble through cook time!

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  1. Gorgeous! I absolutely adore this kitchen.

    1. Thanks, Julie! It was crafted with love! :)


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