Let's Begin!

Start your engines.  This is my journey as a (new) stay-at-home mom to 3 gorgeous mini muffins; namely the journey by way of the kitchen.
Until recently, the kitchen has been entirely my husband's arena.  He grew up in a 1950s (ahem, 80s) household, in which his amazing mother made fabulous meals from scratch 3 meals a day/7 days a week. I, on the other hand, came from several wonderful generations of ... something closer to the other end of the spectrum.  I may or may not have googled such phrases as "How to fry meatballs." Possibly yesterday.
So. Unless we would like to eat mainly frozen pizza, toaster waffles and things that other people have cooked... it is finally time for my introduction to the kitchen and all of its mysteries.  Join me as I fumble through meals for 5. 

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